Meet Our Donors

Sustaining for the Future

Donna Ballenger

I grew up in a modest home with my parents and sister. Dad was a dentist. Throughout his career, he cleaned teeth for $2. Just think of that in comparison to what we pay today for teeth cleaning! More

Investing in What You Love

Kate Colby

I recently chose Arden Wood as the provider of a charitable gift annuity. Having served on the boards of two smaller Christian Science nursing homes and as an interim facility administrator, I have always valued all the love and healing care these homes provide to the Christian Science community. More

Love's Provision for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

John Winton

The year was 1947, and I was a young boy sitting in the back seat of my parent's car. As we drove up to Arden Wood, I can remember thinking what a massive and beautiful building it was. More

A Blessing for Me and for Arden Wood

Nancy Stiner

Over a number of years, I'd been thinking that I'd like to move to Arden Wood, and when I finally made the decision definite, it became clear to me that I should talk with a finance person about my assets and the costs I would need to cover if I moved there. More

Giving Is a Gift

Janet and Wylie Greig

Janet and I are grateful for all the good that has come our way, especially at pivotal times in our lives. We now look forward to "paying it forward" to help others. It's instinctive and natural — God's idea, man, reflecting divine Love. It ultimately blesses all mankind. More

Estate Planning: An Act of Love

Edie Seymour

My husband and I believe strongly in planning ahead to protect one's assets. We wanted ours to go to funds and groups that coincide with our values, that promote the ideals we have and that will carry on those ideals. Drawing up our estate plan was an act of love that we did together. It's a really nice feeling to know that your actions—designating where your assets will go—will be a blessing. More

"...The Heart Grows Rich in Giving" (CS Hymnal, 360)

There is nothing that contributes more to the happiness and harmony of living than a heart that prompts unselfed giving! It is wise, no matter what one's financial position, to be in command of the planning of one's estate in order to be free from the slavery to so-called market cycles, to the whims of uncontrolled spending, or to the fears that creep in if one does not handle the aggressive thoughts accompanying the notion of retirement and all the opinionated impositions regarding advanced years. More